POWER SURGE® CHRYSANTHEMUM - Chrysanthemum x 'Jefsurge'

Origin: A seedling from a cross between Firecracker Chrysanthemums: Firestorm and Showbiz made in fall 2006 by Mr. Rick Durand of Jeffries Nurseries Ltd.

Hardiness: Zone 3 (Canadian and USDA)

Size: A compact mum reaching a mature height of 18” (45 cm) and width of 40” (100 cm).

Description: Part of Jeffries’ Firecracker Mum Series, Power Surge® produces a sensational display of double red flowers that rejuvenate the fall garden.

Landscape Value: Hardy garden mums are a great addition to the fall landscape. These mums flower in early September when most perennials and annuals have stopped blooming.

Propagation: Propagation by license only. COPF Royalty 25 cents.

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