GOLDEN CASCADE LINDEN - Tilia cordata 'Golden Cascade'

  • Botanical name: Tilia cordata 'Golden Cascade'

  • Origin: Discovered by Dr. Wilbert Ronald in an open-pollinated seedling population of a Littleleaf Linden from a Manchurian source.

  • Hardiness: Zone 2 (Canadian and USDA)

  • Growth Rate: Medium, similar to other Littleleaf Linden cultivars.

  • Description: A medium sized tree that has a globe-shaped crown with a cascading branching habit. The leaves are smaller than in most Linden hybrids and turn a golden colour in the fall. Highly resistant to sunscald.

  • Landscape Value: Excellent as a shade tree displaying a cascading crown form for large spaces in residential and recreational areas.

  • Propagation: Registered with COPF in Canada by Jeffries Nurseries Ltd. 

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