• Botanical name: Physocarpus opulifolius 'Jefam'

  • Origin: A seedling of the cross ‘Diabolo’ x ‘Darts Gold’ made by Mr. Rick Durand of Jeffries Nurseries Ltd. Amber Jubilee® Ninebark was named in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. 

  • Hardiness: Zone 2 (Canadian and USDA)

  • Growth Rate: Medium shrub; mature size: 5-6’ (2 m) x 4’ (1.5 m).

  • Description: Amber Jubilee® offers a unique blend of foliage colours including new growth that takes on shades of yellow and orange in summer before turning purple in the fall. Foliage on mature sections of the plant is lime-green. Annual pruning of the stem tips will help this plant look its best.

  • Landscape Value: Amber Jubilee® is distinct from purple-foliaged ninebarks. Its foliage is an improvement over long-time cultivar Dart’s Gold. Amber Jubilee® will be effective as a medium shrub in the landscape, whether massed or planted in small groupings.

  • Propagation: Propagation by First Editions license only, contact Bailey Nurseries Inc. CPBRAF, USPP #23,177.

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